The Image of Aidos Dance in T. Kayipbergenov's Novel "Unhappy"


  • Jumamuratova Gulmira 2nd year student of Karakalpak Language and Literature, Faculty of Turkic Languages, NMPI Named After Ajiniyaz


T. Kayipbergenov is one of the most famous writers of the XX century. He left a great mark on Karakalpak literature with a number of his works. His essays and novels played an important role in enriching our national prose. Among them, the author's trilogy "Karakalpak Epic" has a special significance in our literature. This trilogy began writing in the second half of the 60s and was completed in the second half of the 70s. The novel was translated into Russian, Uzbek, Kazakh and Turkmen languages. The fact that the trilogy was awarded the Old Union Prize is a testament to its great work. Along with Karakalpak literary critics, Uzbek scholar P. Shermuhamedov, Russian Zoya Kedrina, T. Dabidova and others conducted research on this work. The novel consists of three books: The Legend of Mamanbi, The Unfortunate, and The Wanderers.




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