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E-arbitration is a key component of online dispute resolution (ODR, which allows parties to resolve any issue originating from their contractual relationship online. E-arbitration is primarily used to resolve Business to Business (B2B) cross-border e-commerce conflicts, but it is also used to resolve traditional cross-border commercial disputes. The arbitration agreement and the arbitral process are both completed online in e-arbitration. Some analysts argue that the form requirement in e-commerce contracts, including arbitration agreements, is less necessary if the electronic document is sufficiently specific, establishing obvious indicators that can be read in the future.


ODR, e-Justice, CyberTribunal, E-commerce

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Dr. Nasiruddeen Muhammad, & Dr. Mokhinur Bakhramova. (2022). PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF DIGITAL ARBITRATION. Academicia Globe: Inderscience Research, 3(09), 1–5.