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This study was conducted at the Animal House of the College of Veterinary Medicine/University of Tikrit to know the role of chamomile and ginger aqueous extract in the treatment of induced pharmacological sensitization in white rats and compare it with the drug Histidine. The study included 36 white rats, and they were divided into four groups, the control group included 9 animals whose diet was normal (feed and distilled water), and the second group included 9 animals that were dosed with amoxicillin at a concentration of 1 ml / kg, the third group included 9 animals that were dosed with sulfamethoxazole at a concentration of 1 ml / kg, the fourth group included 9 animals that were dosed with aspirin at a concentration of 1 ml / kg, and after infection and the appearance of allergy symptoms on the animals, the three affected groups of rats were treated with aqueous extract of chamomile plant at a concentration of 2 ml / kg, and aqueous extract of ginger at a concentration of 1 ml / kg, Histidine, at a concentration of 1 ml / kg, the results showed a significant increase in the activity of IgE and IgG immunoglobulins (p<0.05) in the amoxicillin group, sulfamethoxazole and aspirin group, in comparison with the healthy control group, the results also showed a significant decrease in the activity of IgG and IgE immunoglobulins in groups treated with aqueous extract of ginger and chamomile and Histidine group compared to the allergy groups. We conclude from this study that medicinal plants such as ginger and chamomile have anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory therapeutic properties due to the fact that they contain effective compounds such as phenols, flavonoids, and glycosides. Histidine is also one of the antihistamines of first generation that works by binding to H1 receptors in various cells of the body, thus preventing the release of histamine from mast cells and basophils, which is responsible for the occurrence of allergic reactions in the body and thus inhibits allergic reactions.


Drug Allergy, IgE, Ginger, IgG, Histidine.

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Jinan Tami Shihan, Muneef Saab Ahmed Al-Janabi, & Professor Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Abdalla. (2022). DRUG ALLERGY TREATMENT INDUCED IN WHITE RATS MEDIATED BY THE AQUEOUS EXTRACT OF CHAMOMILE PLANT, GINGER AND HISTIDINE DRUG IMMUNOLOGICAL AND PHYSIOLOGICAL STUDY. Academicia Globe: Inderscience Research, 3(09), 43–52.