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One of the factors determining the effectiveness of education is the 'flexibility of the teaching process', it helps to overcome various unforeseen circumstances and problems, such as the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19, from which the whole world is suffering today. This article discusses the relevance of the 'Flipped classroom' module, which is an integral part of the 'Blended Learning' system in improving English speaking competence, as well as, the 'Google classroom', 'Flipgrid', 'Mimind', 'XRecorder', 'Loom', 'Padlet' programs in its organization. In addition, the study found that the students in HEE (in the example of Navoiy State pedagogical institute) found the ‘partial’ form of this module more successful than the ‘full’ form.


‘Flipped classroom’ module, ‘partial’ introduction, modern technological applications.

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Guzal Jalilova G’ulomovna. (2021). Implementation of Modern Technologies in ‘Flipped Classroom’ Module. Academicia Globe: Inderscience Research, 2(01), 6–9. Retrieved from